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Russian Gemological Server  

Business and research projects in the fields of gemology and jewelery. Lots materials concerning the studies of diamond cut, software for gemological purposes. Actual articles and news.

Diamond 3D Book Internet Page  

Last information about this software, new versions and updates. Guides, documentation and FAQs for Diamond 3D Book users.

Diamond Calculator  

Diamond calculator is a computer software to model polished gemstones, which enables precise calculation of the weight and determination of the cut proportions. Free Demo available in this WWW-page.

PaCor system for optimizing of rough diamond cutting  

System for diamond rough marking and evaluation with taking into account types and placing of internal characteristics of inclusions. Control of bruting and first-step polishing of diamond of alternative marking/cutting positions. Finding of new variants of marking.

Octonus Software Ltd.  
  Developing software and hardware for diamond industry and for telecommunications. Scientific research in gemology fields.

Gemological Center in Moscow University  

Gemological Center in Moscow State University is education and expert center in diamonds, gemstone and jewelery fields. Several educational programs for gemological expert training. Gemological certtificate Lab, market and consulting service, scientific research and promotion of scientific knowledge in the field of precious materials.

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