Certification of diamonds in Russia is controlled by a number of normative documents. The Resolution of the Russian Government No. 1157 of November 25, 1995, widened the spectrum of commercial operations with natural gemstones, having permitted operations with certified gemstones for natural persons. The Resolution of the Russian Government No. 759 of June 27, 1996, made equal the operation with certified gemstones and operations with jewelry. Certification activity is regulated by the Russian Legislation on the certification of products and the Russian Legislation on precious metals and precious stones.

The certification activity is allowed only after registration (accreditation) of the certification system, certification organ, testing laboratory, and methods at the Gosstandart (State Standard) of Russian Federation. is a necessary condition for certification activity. Moreover, registration at the Assay Inspection is necessary to work with gemstones. Several organs and laboratories may work within one certification system. One organ and one laboratory can be united into one juridical person. Unlike the international practice, in Russia, one certificate can be issued for a lot of diamonds.